Fitzgerald ‘Ad Guy’ Salisbury To Be Client Guru at Tenacity

ATLANTA-Randy Salisbury, senior vice president and management supervisor at Fitzgerald & Co. here, announced last week he was leaving his agency home of 12 years to become an equity partner in Tenacity Inc., a consulting firm specializing in client retention.
He will continue at Fitzgerald through Labor Day.
“I’m 43, and if I’m ever going to try something outside the realm of advertising, this is it,” he said. “They first spoke to me a year ago, but at the time I thought, ‘I’m an ad guy, not a consultant. But over time I started to see that I was in a consultant’s role with several of my clients, and I started to feel like [Tenacity] would be challenging and invigorating. I wouldn’t have left just to go to another advertising agency.”
Tenacity was formed in 1985 by John Gamble, who first met Salisbury when Gamble was his client at Kimberly-Clark. The Atlanta company specializes in client retention across several industries.
“Randy was the first and only person I thought of to bring on board when I decided to expand our business,” Gamble said.
“He’s got a wonderful opportunity,” said Fitzgerald president Dave Fitzgerald. Will Salisbury’s replacement come from inside or outside the Atlanta agency?
“Whenever someone leaves, it gives you an opportunity to re-look at your entire business, and that’s what we’re doing,” Fitzgerald said. “There are many options and we’re working through them.” -with Katy Eckmann