Feeling the Lure of the ‘Pre-Owned’

With prices rising for new stuff, are consumers open to buying used stuff? Polling by WSL Strategic Retail suggests they are. Eighty-two percent of respondents said they’ve already bought used books, while 74 percent have bought used cars, 69 percent have bought used CDs/DVDs and 66 percent have bought used video games.

Looking at product categories whose constituency skews female, the poll found many of its women have purchased used furniture (48 percent), clothing (51 percent), outerwear (45 percent), baby furniture/accessories (46 percent) and toys (43 percent). Among the categories covered in the poll, the ones where consumers were least likely to buy used goods were gift cards (83 percent won’t consider buying used), computers (60 percent), electronics (55 percent) and appliances (55 percent).