FCC’s Chairman Kevin Martin Resigns

Outgoing Federal Communications Commission Chairman Kevin Martin Thursday (Jan. 15) announced his resignation, effective Jan. 20. Upon his departure, Martin is joining The Aspen Institute, a nonpartisan think tank in Washington, D.C., as a senior fellow.

Martin’s announcement follows reports earlier this week that President-elect Barack Obama will nominate Julius Genachowski to head up the FCC. A former Harvard Law School classmate of Obama’s, Genachowski served as Obama’s technology adviser and held legal positions under former Democratic FCC Chairmen.

Martin served on the FCC since 2001 and as its Chairman since 2005.

In his letter of resignation to President Bush, Martin said: “During this period, we have seen a telecommunications industry undergoing rapid and unprecedented change. As a result of the market-oriented and consumer focused policies we have pursued the American people are now reaping the rewards of convergence and the broadband revolution including new and more innovative technologies and services at ever-declining prices.”