FCB, Listen.com Face the Music

Characters Groove to Everyday Life in a New $15 Mil. Campaign
SAN FRANCISCO–Has Motorhead gone mainstream? It would appear so.
Lemmy, the bassist and singer for the notorious British heavy metal band, appears in a print ad that’s part of the first national campaign for Listen.com. The print work and an accompanying TV campaign were created by FCB Worldwide’s San Francisco office under the tagline “There’s music everywhere, if you know where to look.”
FCB creatives said the $15 million campaign is designed to appeal to a diverse range of music fans.
“We’re looking to reach music enthusiasts across all genres just as Listen.com offers music lovers of all types access to their favorite artists,” said Ken Muir, FCB senior vice president and creative director on the account.
In the print ad, Lemmy is shown on a dental chair with his mouth open, wearing a button on his dental smock that says “Piss Off.” The top of the ad plugs the company.
The TV campaign kicks off with two 30-second spots showing how average people turn the sounds of daily life into music.
In one spot, titled “Diner,” a waitress is shown listening intently to the sounds of eggs cracking, phones ringing and customers talking. As the spot progresses, the sounds of her daily life take on a musical quality.
Dave Williams, vice president of marketing for the dot-com, said the campaign shows that the Web site is a good place for consumers to discover new artists.
“People don’t know what artists are out there [on the Internet], where they might be or how to find what they want,” Williams said. “Mirroring what Listen.com does on the Web, this ad campaign personalizes the discovery and understanding of music.”
The spots will appear on cable stations such as MTV. Print ads will run in music-oriented magazines.
The agency won the account in March. K