Farmers Insurance “Drowned Circus”

Shocked and delusional–not a happy place. Except that in the case of this latest Farmers Insurance spot, hell never looked better. Shot underwater, by Dante Ariola, using performers from Cirque du Soleil, the spot opens with a fluid, beautiful, surreal underwater ballet; high colors, costumes, and mesmerizingly slow moves, especially from the mermaid girl. Gradually, though, a Mount Vesuvius-like washing machine enters the picture, and we’re rocked back to reality along with our main character, Mr. Denial– he’s actually standing in his flooded basement, with his kids asking, “Does this mean we’re not going to the circus?”
Underwater dreams are rich territory to tap into–everything is slower, quieter, and more beautiful. In this case, the spot acknowledges that not everyone was born with the fireman gene that allows you to immediately launch into action. The tagline, “Sanity makes a comeback,” is reinforced with the line, “All it takes is one phone call.” A visually and emotionally satisfying spot. –-Barbara Lippert