Fallon Spotlights United Customers

Fallon expands United Airlines’ post-Sept. 11 testimonial campaign to encompass the client’s entire brand message in its latest round of advertising for the company.

The new campaign, which breaks during coverage of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament this week, adds customer testimonials to the employee ones and formalizes the tag, “We are United,” said Jerry Dow, vp of global marketing for the carrier, based in Elk Grove Village, Ill.

“The campaign continues to humanize United Airlines and show we really care about our customers,” Dow said.

The latest ads continue the look and feel Fallon established in its first post-Sept. 11 United work, which featured testimonials from employees about their dedication to the company and their belief that it and the country would recover.

The new campaign, which was still being edited last week, adds customer stories about how United has impacted their lives, Dow said. One prospective spot tells of a couple who have kept their bicoastal relationship alive for five years by flying United to meet up every weekend, Dow said.

Each of the nine projected ads will end with “reason to believe” deliverables, such as the fact that United has more 747s and flights out of Chicago than any other carrier, Dow said.

The campaign comes at a significant time for United, which recently avoided a mechanics strike and is planning on adding 127 flights this spring after slashing its schedule in the fall. “It’s a brand new opportunity to capture share,” Dow said.

Spending was undisclosed. United spent about $50 million on ads in the first 11 months of 2001, per CMR.