Equill Pens New Campaign Tracking Product

The Web design process may just have gotten easier with today’s launch of the Visual Teaming Solution, created by San Francisco-based EQuill, which aims to streamline communication, document review, approval and tracking for online campaigns.

The product functions as an overlay on top of the HTML document a user is working on, similar to a clear sheet of acetate upon which comments can be written. “After making comments, a user can send the page to a colleague by double-clicking the ‘send’ icon,” said Jordan Silbert, EQuill’s marketing director.

Based on results with charter customers and a survey of about 15 Bay Area companies, the product can save two or three days of work per month for a team of 50 workers, Silbert said. He said the companies EQuill surveyed anticipate reducing costs by about 12 to 15 percent.