Eisner Is Up To Scratch

Stars Daily Md. Lottery Winners In TV Ads
ATLANTA–Faced with stagnant sales for its instant win games and wary consumers who do not believe there are a sufficient number of winners, Eisner & Associates has launched a campaign on behalf of the Maryland Lottery to counter those perceptions.
The Baltimore agency has taken the show on the road, so to speak, to the lottery retailers with an effort dubbed “scratch cam.”
“We went through some pretty extensive research and found consumers underestimated how many people had a winning experience with the Maryland Lottery scratch-off ticket,” said David Blum, a strategic planner at Eisner & Associates. “We knew one element of the campaign had to be the believability issue. The reality is that one in four tickets is a winner. There are 51,000 winners a day, and about $1.8 million is paid out weekly.”
Instead of creating a television commercial packed with promises and statistics, the agency came up with the idea of scratch cam. The concept involves filming consumers as they play their instant win games at Maryland Lottery retailers across the state.
Winners also have a chance to be used in a television commercial that same day. TV spots are broadcast on network affiliate news programs throughout the state in the early evening time period.
“People will see a different winner every single day,” said Blum. “That’s part of the charm. There’s a lot of public relations value in having a roving camera. Our hope is that it becomes an institution.”
Scratch cam is also meant to work in tandem with another instant win game advertising campaign that breaks later this month.
The new advertising effort will star a fictional character named Bob Topper, who is the host of an ersatz television program called Dare to Win With Bob Topper.
According to the agency, the challenge with instant win lottery games is that as the contests change, it is difficult to maintain any measure of continuity in the advertising effort.
The Bob Topper “television show” will enable Eisner & Associates to cultivate a running theme no matter what Maryland Lottery contest is being featured at any point in time.