Easy Does It

Paying your bills online isn’t brain science—so ads touting a service that allows one to do so needn’t be compli cated, either.

That’s the creative idea behind the first TV spots for AT&T Online Billing, which broke earlier this month via Foote, Cone & Belding in New York.

“We realized that [online billing] is not a very serious subject that people spent a lot of time thinking about,” said Lucille Guardala, shop svp, group creative director. “We wanted to do something extremely eye-catching and whimsical.”

The result is four commercials with simple blue-and-white graphics (done by Chelsea Graphics in New York) that morph into the AT&T logo.

One ad, which features blue blobs and a voice over, reminds viewers that if they “space out” about whom they called, they can view their account online. Another spot, which shows a pair of glasses, lets consumers know they can pay their bill “in a blink” online.

The tag, “Boundless,” appears at the end of each 15-second spot. The ads broke in New York, San Francisco and Philadelphia on network and cable stations. Bill ings were undisclosed.