East3.com Picks Richmond Pair

East3.com, a startup that will use the Internet to deliver biofeedback technology for educational, therapeutic and industrial applications, has signed up the Work and Emergence agencies to develop its branding and marketing.
Billings are undetermined.
East3.com will develop software to enhance, for example, a user’s attention span. Other potential applications are expected in gaming, medicine, education and workplace training.
All three parties are headquartered in Richmond,Va. Emergence, directed by CadmusCom founder Kelly O’Keefe, provides strategic consulting to venture capitalists and e-commerce operations. “We’re brand architects, not builders,” said O’Keefe. “We operate upstream of advertising agency involvement.”
Operating downstream is Work, which carries out branding tactics in marketing messages appearing in trade and consumer print ads.
“We needed to work with [firms] that could understand and interpret our vision,” said C. Reid Flinn, East3 co-founder.
The “Attention Trainer,” the first product launch, targets individuals with attention deficit disorder and related syndromes. Down the line, the technology may have applications as an interface between humans and computers–a kind of mental “mouse.”
“This is not two guys in a backroom,” said Work’s Cabell Harris. “We got in on the ground floor of a technology that may become commonplace, even revolutionary.”