Creative work for Howard University’s WHUR radio station gets off to a quick start this week with Washington, D.C.’s first use of taxi-wrap advertising.

Created by Adworks in Washington, the mobile marketing messages will promote 30-year old WHUR’s morning show. Designated vehiclesfeaturing both a taxi wrap and top, which resembles a mini billboard on the roof of cabs, will cruise the district’s downtown. Drivers will wear WHUR apparel and distribute station T-shirts and prize coupons. Radios will be locked to “the quiet storm” of 96.3 FM.

Additional efforts will involve transit and newspaper ads. A larger image campaign supported by television and outdoor work is expected to follow in September.

Popular in San Francisco and in areas of Boston, taxi wraps are seen as an effective media alternative in cities where billboards are either highly regulated or cost prohibitive. In addition, cabs’ destinations, routes and mileage can be easily tracked to measure effectiveness.