Dr. Pepper “Drink it Slow”

Who knew the original Dr Pepper is a blend of 23 flavors and that it tastes better if you drink it slowly? A taste test is needed to prove that last claim, but in its first work for the brand, Deutsch has also found a way to present what could be a drab explanation of the company’s research as a fun play on the familiar “Trust me, I’m a doctor” product endorsements. Here, a graying Dr. J., basketball legend Julius Erving, informs viewers of the research while lounging in his living room. “I get it because half my life has been in slow motion,” he says as the spot flashes back to footage of his game days. “Watch this,” he says, as he then demonstrates he’s still got the moves, tossing an ice cube across his kitchen in dramatic slow-motion; it lands in a glass sitting next to a Dr Pepper. “Slower is better,” he sums up. “Trust me. I’m a doctor.” Will people believe there’s scientific research supporting the slower-is-better claim? It doesn’t matter. Curiosity may just get them to follow the “doctor’s orders.” –Eleftheria Parpis