Diary: Visitors

Visitors to Carmichael Lynch’s offices in downtown Minneapolis two weeks ago saw the agency’s newest American Association of Advertising Agencies A+ Creative Excellence Award next to the one it won two years ago and the finalist trophy it garnered last year.
The trophies were hard to miss, as was the giant-sized replica of a black and gold Remy Martin champagne bottle label hand-painted on one of the walls in the agency’s main conference room. (The agency is currently in the midst of pitching the Remy Martin business.) Forget poster boards or large mounted art boards, Carmichael Lynch hired a painter to reproduce the elegant label right on the wall.
‘We wanted to go all out and do something different,’ said one agency staffer. ‘This is different and was certainly noticed.’
What’s next is anyone’s guess, given the agency is also pitching Audi of America and The National Cable Television Association.
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