DGWB to Break ‘Orange County Register’ Ads

LOS ANGELES The Orange County Register is set to debut a campaign on Sept. 1 tagged, “Take back the morning,” the newspaper said.

The effort, by DGWB in Santa Ana, Calif., includes TV, print and outdoor ads targeting adults ages 25-35.

“This is the group that undergoes some serious life changes,” said Eric Morgan, a representative for Freedom Orange County Information, which publishes the Register. He added that “they aren’t as likely to read the newspaper because they’re stressed, and they have all these transitions,” citing experiences such as having children, changing jobs and facing mortgage payments for the first time. “The message is to take a few minutes in the morning and relax,” Morgan said.

The effort is unusual for the newspaper, which typically focuses on price or product features in its ads, Morgan noted. “This campaign focuses on the experience of the newspaper,” he said.

Spending on the campaign was undisclosed. The Register spent $400,000 on ads in 2002 and more than $350,000 through June this year, according to Nielsen Monitor-Plus.

One 30-second TV spot shows various young people, including a woman at a breakfast table, a guy in a cubicle at work and a woman at a coffee shop, who are calmly reading the paper. Around them, people move at a frantic pace, pouring coffee, washing dishes and eating doughnuts. A toll-free number for the Register appears at the end of the spot, which will also be cut into 10- and 20-second versions. The ads will run in California’s Orange County on cable stations that include TNT, MTV, VH1, CNN, E! Entertainment Television, ESPN, Comedy Central and USA Network, as well as during morning news programs such as KNBC’s Today Show, KABC morning news, KTLA morning news and KTTV’s Good Day L.A.

Eight print ads also show people relaxing and enjoying the newspaper. Images include shots of a man having a bowl of cereal in the morning and flipping through the sports page, and a couple in bed, clipping coupons. Those ads will run in Freedom publications such as the Register, Orange County Home and Coast, as well as in Churm Publishing’s OC Metro.

There are also 14 outdoor executions, which will appear on buses and bus shelters and at malls and healthclubs, among other locations. The newspaper is also launching a cross-promotion in September with Diedrich Coffee, in which the chain’s employees will wear “Take back the morning” buttons and hand out newspapers at Orange County store locations, said Morgan.