Denny’s “Human Slingshot”

Denny’s claims “nothing good happens after midnight,” except at its restaurants of course. The chain is trying to officially brand itself as the after-hours spot for teens with spots such as “Human Slingshot” from Publicis in Mid America in Dallas. The commercial opens on a pack of young men prepping a stunt, presumably inspired by post-midnight boredom (and most likely much beer). “This is so stupid,” cautions one member of the group, who despite his good sense can’t keep the smirk off his face in anticipation of the ridiculousness of the moment. The camera stays tight on the action, as the designated stuntman is positioned into a giant makeshift slingshot. Of course, once they let go, he hurls into the air and the friends gasp as they watch their buddy fly farther than expected. I love the way they all scatter, virtually speechless, into the quiet of the night. Now whether that is to retrieve their friend, get home before someone gets in trouble or fill up on potachos is unclear. Either way, kids will notice and appreciate this spot. Perhaps another way the chain can add to the post-party pitch is topipe in real footage from absurd teen moments like this. YouTube has plenty– and surprisingly include many adults trying this stunt, even one screaming for “grandma.”–Eleftheria Parpis