Democrats Launch Ads in Iowa, N.H.

NEW YORK Democratic presidential contenders John Kerry and Howard Dean have released new ads and Wesley Clark on Tuesday launched his first spot in New Hampshire.

The Kerry spot, which hits TV stations in Iowa today, attacks President Bush on the environment. In the 30-second spot called “Sided With Lobbyists,” an announcer says: “George Bush. He let corporate lobbyists rewrite our environment laws, sided with polluters not taxpayers. And now he’s trying to roll back the Clean Air Act.” Background images include the President at a hazardous materials site, with lobbyists, and Bush set against smokestacks.

The ad then cuts to Kerry standing with reporters and the announcer says, “John Kerry. He stopped George Bush and the oil companies from drilling in the Artic and he has a plan for energy independence.” Kerry then says, “I want to develop alternative fuels and more efficient cars. We’ll create 500,000 new jobs and we’ll never have to send young Americans to war for Mideast oil again.”

This is the third spot in the current flight of ads for Kerry that have aired in Iowa. “Carrier,” which features Bush’s landing on the aircraft carrier, is in its final day of rotation today.

Jim Margolis, senior partner, GMMB, said that the ads are designed to show that Kerry has the ability to take on Bush and win the presidency.

Meanwhile, Clark on Tuesday launched a 60-second spot called “Story,” which focuses on the candidate’s military background.

Produced by Joe Slade White and Co., the spot opens with an announcer saying, “The first bullet shattered his hand. The second and third hit his shoulder and leg,” as images of the fallen Clark on the jungle floor in Vietnam appear.

“Now when we need a leader to clean up the mess in Iraq, he’s the one who has done it,” the announcer continues. He speaks four languages but his actions speak more eloquently than words. He can get our country moving again on jobs and healthcare. Wes Clark’s life is simply an American story but he will make an extraordinary American president.”

On Monday, Dean launched a campaign directly aimed at Democratic House leader Dick Gephardt for his support of the President on the war in Iraq.

In the spot, Gephardt is seen in the Rose Garden at the White House announcing the congressional authorization allowing the President to wage war against Iraq. It also notes that Gephardt supported Bush’s request of $87 billion in spending for Iraq and Afghanistan.