deflating the addy winners

Seems like you just can’t win an ad award these days without your car getting trashed.

Well, not exactly. But the folks at Young & Laramore in Indianapolis might be weighing the price of creative fame following the city’s Addy Awards earlier this month.

Exiting the downtown ceremony as the big winners (the shop reeled in a record 79 Addys), Y&Lers suddenly found themselves tops in another category—this time an unfortunate one—in the parking lot. Hooligans, it appeared, had struck with a vengeance, letting the air out of the tires of 13 cars, four of which belonged to Y&L staffers, including its top creative director.

The crime scene (which, in fact, is just across the street from Y&L’s offices and is a spot where many staffers park their cars during the day) left agency president Paul Knapp nonplussed. “What is strange is they let the air out instead of the more criminal act of slashing the tires,” he notes.

The work of disgruntled rival copywriters and art directors? Knapp declined to speculate. But the timing is suggestive. “All I will say is it is too strange of a coin cidence,” Knapp says.

Indianapolis police were called to the scene, but apparently have yet to apprehend any suspects. (The police did not return phone calls seeking comment.) Perhaps feeling a little deflated themselves, the victims hauled their awards into a local watering hole to ponder their roller-coaster evening as their tires were fixed. DON FARRALL/PHOTO DISC