Daytona Beach in Play

The City of Daytona Beach, Fla., has initiated a review for its Convention and Visitor Bureau’s account. The creative and media business is worth about $2 million annually.
The incumbent is Doe-Anderson Advertising and Public Relations in Louisville, Ky.
“It’s not that we’re unhappy with Doe-Anderson,” said client marketing assistant Kathy Tennell. “We’re required to put the account up for review every three years, and the three years are up.”
Doe-Anderson has indicated it will defend the account, which it has held for six years. The current contract expires Oct. 1. The shop successfully defended the business in a 1996 review that ended prematurely when “the executive director decided they were doing a good job and deserved to keep it,” said Kay Galloway, Daytona Beach’s director of advertising.
“So far, we have only asked agencies to send us their qualifications and other materials,” Galloway said. “There are no formal presentations scheduled.”
Initial invitations are set to close today. Daytona Beach officials will decide by the end of February if they will hear formal agency pitches. If so, they expect to make a final decision by the end of March.
“It’s been one of our biggest success stories. The numbers speak for themselves,” said Doe-Anderson account supervisor Todd Spencer. “It’s a process they have to go through, but the board can decide they don’t want to make a change pretty quickly.”
Located on Florida’s East Coast, Daytona Beach attracts some eight million visitors annually.