So much for the chocolate-chip cookie as an emblem of childhood innocence. In a new spot for Chips Ahoy! from DraftFCB in New York, we find a cookie hitting on an animated blonde clad in a little black dress (the blonde, that is, not the cookie) while singing along with Rod Stewart’s “Da Ya Think I’m Sexy.” She’s perched on the couch of his bachelor pad, which has the requisite white bearskin rug and spiral staircase leading up to the boudoir. (If we saw the bedroom, which we don’t, it would surely feature a mirrored ceiling.) He’s circling around her while crooning. As he approaches for the kiss (and she leans forward with eagerly puckered lips), a human hand reaches down and plucks him out of the scene, leaving the blonde to topple forward off the couch. A male voiceover chimes in with the message, “The chocolate chips everybody wants. Chips Ahoy! They go fast.” Capping the Sex in the City motif, the spot closes with the blonde waving hopefully in the direction where the cookie was last seen and saying, “Call me?” In its goofy way, the commercial is quite funny. Viewers will be smiling despite themselves (unless their kids happen to be in the room). But is this really the way they want to think of chocolate-chip cookies? When a grownup eats a cookie, he’s doing so partly for the respite it provides from the wear and tear of adulthood. That’s not to say adult-targeted ads for cookies must adopt a nostalgic theme. But the image of a cookie as lothario, amusing though it is, may be more disorienting than appetizing.–Mark Dolliver