CyberSight Unveils New Name and Services

I-shop CyberSight is repositioning itself and will now be known as Nine Dots. The newly reconfigured company on Wednesday will launch a redesigned corporate Web site that will highlight the company’s expanded offerings.

In October 2000, the 7-year-old, Portland, Ore.-based interactive agency acquired interactive marketing firm Nine Dots, and then purchased direct marketing firm Martin’s Direct & Loyalty Marketing last January. The name, site and marketing realignment are part of the company?s evolution, according to CEO Andrew Shakman.

“CyberSight was a name that served us well. But we’ve outgrown it. The problem was that the word ‘Sight’ implied that we only do Web sites. We do build sites but we?re also a full-service interactive marketing company,” said Shakman.

The addition of Irvine, Calif.-based Nine Dots brings a market research element to the mix; the company developed a special technology, Hypertesting, that tests Web site usability as well as customer preferences.