Cutting The Mustard

Maybe “this is the moment” to play with your food, despite what mom says. The third annual “Make a Funny Food Face” competition, dreamed up by PR firm Bender-Hammerling Group, has begun.

In the contest, kids up to 17 years old are encouraged to make a face with food-—using French’s Mustard-—and send in a picture.

Last year’s winners–or should we say “wie ners”—were a pair of hot-dog people with mustard makeup and toothpick arms.

Stacey Bender, public relations director, French’s Mustard at the New York agency, said she expected thousands of entries in this year’s contest, which features a grand-prize trip for four to Universal Orlando Theme Parks and backstage passes to a Donny Osmond This Is the Moment concert.

Osmond “represents the [family] values we believe in,” explained Bender, regarding how the pop star got involved with the contest.

Fifty other contestants will receive a library of CDs from Universal Music or Osmond’s CD, This Is the Moment.