Could Be A Contender

Former boxer Jake La Motta, of Raging Bull fame, and his son Joe have launched their own line of pasta sauce, La Motta’s Tomatta Sauce, with an unusual campaign from RocketScience Creative.
One print ad (shown here) touts the sauce as “real Italian”; the tagline reads: “A lotta heart. A lotta soul. A lotta La Motta.” It breaks in regional weekly publications.
The New York agency, however, will also be taking out classified ads intended to raise a chuckle from readers of New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia and Chicago newspapers. One for the Garage Sale section reads: “For sale: One bottle of gourmet restaurant tomato sauce. Never used. Never will be, now that I found low fat La Motta’s Tomatta Sauce ” Another for the Auto Sales section reads: “1961 Studebaker. No room in garage since wife discovered La Motta’s Tomatta Sauce and bought 300 cases ”
–Sloane Lucas