Staffers at Cranford Johnson Robinson Woods are tapping their toes to the beat of the agency’s very own radio station.

The Internet-based streaming audio site, whose call letters are “CJDJ,” is the creationof the agency’s new interactive division, imazing!CJRW.

Employees at theLittle Rock, Ark., agency compiled the music for the station, which ranges from Johnny Cash to Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks. “It’s very eclectic in terms of the mix,” said CJRWchairman Frank Cox, himself a musicianin the 18-year-old’60s’ cover band, The Groanups.

The “station,” at, also includes a sampling of the agency’s radio spots for clients suchas the Oaklawn Jockey Club racetrack and Alltel Telecom.

“The Internet [is] a vast worldwide network of high-powered computers created solely so we can inflict our musical taste upon the listening public,” said Simon Lee, Internet “ivangelist” and co-founder of the interactive division. “OK, maybe there are a few other beneficial uses for this Internet thing.”