Coke Goes Lime Green on Broadway, TV

ATLANTA Coca-Cola plans to turn Times Square green Tuesday as part of the company’s launch of its new Coke with Lime, which hits stores the same day, the company said.

The giant Coke sign in New York’s Times Square will be changed to green, more than 5,000 lime green balloons will be released and samples of the new drink will be available throughout the Broadway and 42nd Street area.

The launch is supported with a new 30-second television spot that will debut on the March 7 American Idol on Fox. The ad was created by Berlin Cameron/Red Cell in New York and carries the tagline, “We put the lime in the Coke, you nut.” The beverage company’s product placements on the show also will be changed to Coke with Lime drinks and other elements of the program’s set will be changed to green.

An outdoor campaign features a sliced can of Coke revealing its lime green contents and uses the tagline, “Guess what it tastes like—Introducing Coca-Cola with Lime.”

Publicis Groupe’s Chicago-based Hispanic agency, Lapiz, is producing a Spanish-language television ad for the new drink.

Atlanta-based Coke introduced lime in its Diet Coke drink last year.