CM Pushes Popcorn

Campbell Mithun aims to add some urgency to its message for General Mills’ Pop Secret Popcorn in a new campaign that issues the order, “Don’t just sit there.”

Six 15-second spots that feature stop-motion photography begin airing today. The com mercials directly address couch potatoes while pitching individual varieties of Pop Secret.

One spot, for the Extra Butter vari ety, asks through a voice over, “What could be better than Pop Secret Popcorn with Land O’ Lakes Butter?” Copy that resembles the vol ume control at the bottom of the screen but reads “Butter” shoots to high. “More butter,” the voice over answers.

All of the ads use stop-motion of popcorn popping until puffed kernels fill the entire screen, against sounds of popping and munching.

“We wanted to be more inter ruptive and less traditional,” said Harry Gonnella, a svp and creative director at the Minneapolis shop, who oversaw the campaign. “We wanted to be more urgent with the message, make it less about the flavor offering, more about, ‘Enjoy the experience.’ “

The use of stop-motion “was to keep it looking as appetizing as possible, but really control the motion of things,” Gonnella said.

Previous advertising from the agency took a more traditional story-telling approach and concentrated on particular flavors while pushing “pro duct passion,” Gonnella said.

General Mills spent $5 million on Pop Secret through June of this year, and less than that in all of 2001, according to CMR.