Clark Ad Trumpets ‘Major’ Endorsement

LOS ANGELES Presidential hopeful Wesley Clark receives an endorsement from a female, African American, retired U.S. Army Major in an ad that breaks on Monday in New Hampshire, the campaign has confirmed.

“Even though he was the commanding general, you were never left to feel ‘less than,’ regardless of your rank, your gender, or your race,” says Patricia Williams, who served under Clark.

“General Clark was very supportive of women.” The shot of Williams dissolves to color stills of Clark in battle-dress uniform addressing troops and presenting an award with Williams.

Williams continues: “I’m just an average soldier serving under a great man, a man who makes no apologies for doing the right things, for the right reasons.”

The tagline is delivered by Williams, who says, “General Clark makes everybody feel important.”

The 30-second spot (“Major”) was produced and directed by Joe Slade White, East Aurora, N.Y. Details of the media plan were undisclosed.

Separately, the rival campaign of Joe Lieberman plans to spend more aggressively in New Hampshire leading up to the state’s primary on Jan. 27.

The Connecticut Senator and Democratic presidential hopeful will expand New Hampshire TV and radio buys. He plans to spend just under $1 million per week on media in January, campaign officials said. That represents a fourfold increase for the campaign, which has spent “a little less than $1 million per month,” up to this point, according to Lieberman campaign director Craig Smith.

Starting on Monday, the Lieberman campaign will also begin buying media in Arizona, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Delaware.

Three new ads are slated to appear in those four states shortly. Those spots will highlight the differences between Lieberman and George W. Bush, along with the policy differences between Lieberman and Democratic rival Howard Dean on a range of issues including domestic security and taxes, according to Smith and senior strategist Mark Penn.