Overall Billings Growth: Up 9.2% to $620 million: (grade B-)
Clients Lost: AmEx green card, Shearson Lehman, Chemical Manufacturers Assn.: (grade D-)
New Clients: Upper Deck and Infiniti from Nissan: (grade A+)
Growth From Current Clients: Up 10%, or $57 million: (grade A)
Creativity: Demonstrated great agility in saving Reebok from Dan & Dave fiasco; new Shaq work is connecting. Altima ads outperformed car; AmEx work showed lack of respect for the product: (grade B)
Management Savvy: N.Y. office still a problem; Dick Sittig was clearly not the answer: (grade C+)
Teacher’s Comments: Are Jay Chiat and Bob Wolf willing to expend the effort to build up New York a third time? Or is it time to entertain buyout overtures?
Overall Grade: B-
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