Carrows Turns Back The Years

Kovel Kresser & Partners calls on the attractions of sun-kissed Santa Barbara, Calif., to reposition Carrows in its first campaign for the restaurant chain.
Using the new theme “It all started in Santa Barbara,” the TV and radio campaign positions Carrows as a fresh, youthful restaurant chain. “[Carrows has] always been known as a family restaurant. We’re making it more youthful and fun and more focused on the food,” said Lee Kovel, chief creative officer of the Santa Monica, Calif.-based agency.
Three new TV spots use a Mystery Science Theater 3000-type visual. A couple, “Sam” and “Barbara,” is shown silhouetted at the bottom of the screen extolling the virtues of Carrows’ new “Mile High” sandwiches, which tower above them.
The client plans to spend about $10 million to support the campaign which breaks this week in Western states, said sources.
“Our Santa Barbara theme is carried through in everything we do,” said Mimi Schiffer, vice president of marketing for the Irvine, Calif.-based chain. “It’s in our new graphics, new menu items and all our in-store merchandising.”