California Campaign Says Recycling is Cool

California’s state recycling agency is launching a $10 million multilingual TV and radio campaign to tell people that recycling is “cool.” The push, which breaks on Monday, follows the release today of a statewide study that shows Californians are throwing more beer bottles, soda cans and sports drink containers into the trash — instead of recycling them — than they did a decade ago.

Ads from the California Department of Conservation, Division of Recycling (CDCR) include one in which a discarded plastic water bottle is recycled as an orange buoy used by a “Baywatch”-type female lifeguard. Other ads feature a used aluminum can that becomes part of a baseball bat used to hit a game-winning home run and a bottle discarded at a party that is reborn as the glitter on a disco ball.

“We wanted to do something that was edgy, something that would get people to pay attention and at the same time something that was creative and just a bit funny,” said CDCR spokesman Mark Oldfield.