Cajun Line

Look at ads for fishing equipment and you’d think fishing is less a sport than a vendetta. Minneapolis-based GdB (aka Gabriel deGrood Bendt) provides a lively example of the genre in this ad for Cajun Line. The motto “Fish won’t know what hit ’em” makes it clear that Cajun won’t give the little devils a sporting chance, and that seems to be the way fishing enthusiasts feel about the matter. Anyhow, the use of fishing line to create line drawings gives this campaign a distinctive look, helping it cut through the usual fishing-line clutter like a fish-gutting knife through melted butter. Other ads in the series use the line to draw a fish-killing ninja and a fish-conking hammer. The visual also manages to imply that the spool on which the line is wound runs freely, or else it wouldn’t be easy to create such an elaborate drawing. –Mark Dolliver


Creative directors
Tom Gabriel
Doug deGrood

Art director
Wayne Thompson

Jeff Schuller

Production manager
Roxanne Richards

Mind’s Eye, Atlanta