Cadillac Unveils Campaign

CHICAGO Cadillac’s first work from Modernista! introduces the theme “Life. Liberty. And the Pursuit” in an attempt to connect with a younger generation of potential customers.

“We have raised awareness and achieved good momentum with the Cadillac brand,” said Cadillac global marketing director Liz Vanzura, in a statement. “But now it’s time to put a face on the brand and invite more consumers to experience what Cadillac has to offer.”

The independent agency in Boston added the creative portion of Cadillac’s estimated $240 million ad account in two phases without reviews earlier this year.

According to Vanzura, the new advertising is meant to connect the brand with its U.S. heritage of being “the American luxury automobile icon and symbol of success.” The campaign, which includes print, television, outdoor and interactive, will launch in mid-August.

Several of the ads aim for a cheeky tone. One shows a Cadillac DTS under the headline “Caddy. Rhymes with Daddy.” A headline for an Escalade ad reads, “Even the windshield wiper fluid is hot.” Two other ads show attractive and well-dressed young men driving the cars, as if they were part of a high-end fashion shoot.

The new campaign replaces the “Break Through” effort developed by the brand’s previous agency, Publicis Groupe’s Leo Burnett in Detroit. That campaign featured the Led Zeppelin anthem “Rock ‘n’ Roll” and a voiceover by Gary Sinise. The new work will use different narrators and music to connect with different targets.

In March, the General Motors division moved several lines, including the SRX, CTS and V series to Modernista! from Burnett. The company later said it was moving the entire account, effective Oct. 1, to the independent Boston shop, ending one of the longest-running relationships in the advertising industry. Vanzura oversaw the shift, having previously worked with Modernista! on GM’s Hummer brand.

The media buy includes broadcast and cable networks, including several sporting events, as well as luxury and lifestyle magazines like Architectural Digest, GQ, Vanity Fair and Food & Wine.