Burns Establishes East Coast Office

DALLAS Michael A. Burns & Associates said it has opened a New York-area office to service to its regional and European clients.

Veteran public relations executive Robert Harwood has been appointed vice president and general manager of the New York office, said Brian Cummings, vice president and chief operating officer of the Dallas-based shop.

“One of the main reasons we decided to open the New York office at this time was because Bob Harwood became available,” Cummings said.

Prior to joining MB&A, Harwood most recently was senior vice president of corporate communications at The Strickland Group, a consulting firm in New York. He also has held senior communications positions at Crompton Corp., The Wackenhut Corp. and Grumman.

Another reason for New York-area office was to be closer to MB&A’s top client, Sherwin-Williams, which is based in New Jersey, Cummings said. The shop also lists Instead and Affinity Online Media as key accounts.

Harwood will initially run the Eastern operation out of Hamden, Conn., where he is currently based. The agency said it would relocate the office to Manhattan by the end of the year.

While there are 22 employees in Dallas, Harwood will solely manage the new branch. The shop anticipates hiring additional New York-based employees in the coming year.

Michael A. Burns & Associates specializes in planning and implementing marketing-driven media and investor relations programs. In addition to its Dallas and Hamden locations, MB&A maintains an international office in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.