Bulldog Hears the Ocean Calling

The ocean itself serves as the bait for consumers in a new campaign for the Diving Equipment and Marketing Association.
Created by San Diego agency Bulldog Drummond, the estimated $2 million print effort vividly depicts divers swimming through a psychedelic ocean. All text is written as though the sea were directly addressing the reader. One ad reads, “Haven’t seen you in a while. So what’s up?” The ocean wonders what it did wrong to offend the potential diver: “Was it that rip tide when you were body surfing? Lighten up.”
Another execution reads, “Re: Family reunion. I think it’s time you came back home. I don’t know why you guys felt like you had to evolve, grow legs and move away in the first place.”
“We had to create something that would completely redefine the perception non-divers had about the sport,” said Neil Bellefeuille, Bulldog executive creative director. “We had to challenge people to think about diving in a completely different way and reform a strong connection with younger consumers.”
The ads are appearing in specialty, sports and health publications.