Breakfast Of Bikers

Motocross champions aren’t exactly Wheaties box material, but that didn’t stop Bozell Worldwide’s Costa Mesa, Calif., office from concocting a faux cereal box mock-up for Kawasaki Motors.
The centerpiece of a national promotional and print campaign for Kawasaki’s year 2000 KX motocross bikes, the “Winning” box (shown here) features a picture of champion motocross rider Ricky Carmichael. The ads tout Kawasaki benefits such as trackside support and cash for race winners, as well as the bikes themselves.
The cereal box is a new approach in the category, says Bozell account executive Nguyen Duong, adding that “most ads have an awesome shot of the bike with a pro doing some sick move, and the ad copy gets lost.”
Creatives considered a detergent box, but cereal seemed a better fit for the target demo of males 14-35.
–James Zoltak