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David G

David G. Ropes is the director of Ford’s newly created Ford Motor Media, a subsidiary of Detroit’s J. Walter Thompson, which will handle the $700 million in national media buying for Ford, Lincoln- Mercury, Mazda and Jaguar. As director of Ford’s corporate advertising and integrated marketing group, he is charged with enhancing the Ford brand and the coordination of many new marketing activities. Ropes is studying the possible consolidation of $200 million in spot buying.

CAREER: Prior to joining Ford in February 1997, Ropes, 50, worked at Reebok as senior vice president of global integrated marketing. Other stops along the highway: Pepsi, Pizza Hut, the William Morris Agency and Philip Morris.

on consolidation : ‘Ford Motor Media’s single greatest efficiency will come from the integration of brand planning into buying and from leveraging the power of five great brands into the purchase of various programs and event properties. It’s more about marketing clout, not just dollar clout.’

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