Boring? Who’s Boring?

If a man wants to feel successful, he should consider dying young. In polling by Euro RSCG Worldwide, men in three age groups were asked if the term “successful” describes them. While 42 percent of those in the 21-29 cohort said it does, the number fell to 34 percent among those age 30-39 and to 24 percent for the 40-48s. It’s not that the older men have given up: Just 14 percent said the term “passive” describes them, vs. 17 percent of the 30-39s and 22 percent of the 21-29s. But they’re less apt to feel “driven” (see the chart). Oddly, young men were more likely than their elders to call themselves “mature” (60 percent of 21-29s vs. 48 percent of 30-39s and 53 percent of 40-48s) and “moral” (53 percent of 21-29s vs. 45 percent of 30-39s and 46 percent of 40-48s). Meanwhile, if just over one-third of men classify themselves as “normal,” what does that say about the norm?