Book Smarts

Writing a book called The 100 Best Television Commercials was a project three years in the making, but author Bernice Kanner said at times it felt much longer.
“Had I known it was going to take that amount of work . . . I wouldn’t have had as much enthusiasm for it as I did at the outset,” she said.
The trials included chasing down agency creative staffers and executives who had long since moved on and overcoming multiple-language barriers.
Still, the job was not all toil and trouble. Kanner was able to add a chapter of her favorite spots to the list, which was originally created by Leo Burnett. (The agency, which claims no bias, has nine commercials listed.)
Kanner said she’s pleased with the reception the book has received so far.
“The process was hard, but people are generally interested in it,” she said. –Aaron Baar