BofA Garners Mixed Review

NEW YORK This new Bank of America spot from Hill, Holliday, Connors, Cosmopulos for the client’s recently expanded wealth management unit celebrates ordinary millionaires with a commercial that tells viewers, “Today’s wealth needs today’s wealth management.” This spot, titled “Meat Loaf,” features a man sitting at the counter of a quiet diner. The camera lingers on the details: an empty booth, a waitress picking up orders from the kitchen, his black shoes resting on the stool. The voiceover explains, “Two thousand bottles of wine in his cellar and yet somehow he never lost touch with his inner meat loaf.” Who said people forget about their favorite foods once they strike it rich? Does the target audience need to be reminded that just because they have money, they are still everyday people? I doubt it. But maybe they’ll feel some goodwill toward BofA for recognizing they are more than just their net worth.