Blue 22 Adds Mullen’s Ferreira as Associate CD

Jamie Ferreira has joined digital communications startup Blue 22 as associate creative director and will be responsible for day-to-day operations in the eight-person firm’s creative department.
Prior to joining the Boston group that launched earlier this year, Ferreira spent five years at Mullen, Wenham, Mass. Most recently, he served as a senior art director in the agency’s interactive unit, working on assignments for clients such as General Motors, and MSNBC.
“We have to replace him. We wish him luck,” said Mullen official Rich Person.
Ferreira’s arrival at Blue 22 is crucial because of his background. “He provides an expertise and experience at a senior level,” said Robert Guay, who along with partner Laurel Bowman founded Blue 22. Also, Ferreira’s presence allows co-founder Bowman, who holds the title of chief creative officer, to concentrate on new-business development and client initiatives.
At Blue 22, Ferreira is overseeing Web site development for Fidelity Investments’ retirement services group. He will also help build a retail extranet for Boeri, the bicycle helmet maker, Bowman said.
Ferreira’s former employer, Mullen, handles ads for Boeri. Ferreira, however, did not work on the offline ad account while there, nor did his Boeri experience play a roll in his hire by Blue 22, Bowman said. “We knew of [Ferreira’s] work,” Bowman said. “He’s an exceptional designer.”
The small shop is growing faster than expected, Bowman said, with several openings on the three-to-four person creative staff.
“We were looking for that leadership,” Bowman said. Ferreira will be able to lead the staff and serve as a mentor to young creative professionals, she added. Ferreira will also assist in new-business acquisitions. He was unavailable for comment last week because he was making a presentation to a prospective client.
Bowman and Guay formed the company in February after brief stints at Holland Mark Edmund Ingalls, Boston. Both Guay and Bowman joined that shop after Holland Mark’s late-1999 acquisition of crosstown rival Ingalls. K