‘Blockbuster Night’ Returns By Ellen Rooney Martin

Blockbuster will resurrect the ‘Make It a Blockbuster Night’ theme beginning with a promotional campaign by Bernstein-Rein set to break Memorial Day weekend.

The work will replace the company’s ‘One World. One Word. Blockbuster.’ ad campaign, which was introduced in early 1997 and also created by B-R. The ‘One World’ campaign represented a broad positioning, touting everything from video rental to sales of music, videos, books, magazines, video games, apparel and snacks.

Less than three months after the campaign’s debut, the former Blockbuster chairman, Bill Fields, decided to return to a strategy that focuses on video rentals, according to sources.

B-R chairman Bob Bernstein confirmed his Kansas City, Mo.-based agency is developing a new Blockbuster campaign. ‘We’re busy and agree with the positioning of rental as emphasis,’ Bernstein said. He would not elaborate. Bruce Butcher, Blockbuster’s vice president of marketing, could not be reached.

B-R conceived the ‘Make It a Blockbuster Night’ line in 1993 just before the account moved to D’Arcy Masius Benton & Bowles, St. Louis.

Last September, B-R and Young & Rubicam in New York were awarded the Blockbuster account. Since then, B-R has won virtually all of the creative shootouts between the two shops. Y&R continues to handle media buying.

There is some degree of uncertainty at Blockbuster, which recently moved its headquarters to Dallas and posted a first quarter loss of $19 million. The Viacom company is searching for a new chairman and chief executive officer to replace Fields, who quit last month. It is also looking for a chief marketing officer following Brian Woods’ departure for Planet Hollywood.

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