Up 12 percent to $610 million (est.)


Up 12 percent to $92 million (est.)

Win/Loss pitch ratio

17 out of 20

accounts won/media budget*

Verizon Wireless ($40 million—shared with New York office)

Lycos ($20 million)

T.J. Maxx ($20 million—media buying only)

Baltimore Technologies ($16 million)

Upromise ($16 million—direct marketing only)

GE Financial Assurance ($12 million—DMO) ($11 million)

Surebridge ($10 million)

StorageNetworks ($5-10 million)

iSky ($9 million—DMO); Bowstreet Software ($8 mil. each)

accounts lost/media budget

PricewaterhouseCoopers ($40 million—to New York office) ($1.5 million)


Named June Blocklin, Mike Sheehan co-presidents and Ruth Ayres chief marketing officer.

*Added $110 million in billings from existing clients.

Some smaller accounts are not featured in the chart.

Sources: Adweek reports and Competitive Media Reporting