Big Burger = Big Fun for BK

NEW YORK In its latest spot, Burger King advertises a double cheeseburger with “30 percent more meat.” The “more meat!” line is way too tempting—it would seem to beg for the standard beer and strippers aren’t-we-Sasquatchian-bastard-men approach. Instead, the gods of creative at Crispin, Porter + Bogusky take a more delicate, counterintuitive tack. Thus, we get “Tiny Hands,” this Dr.-Phil meets-Seinfeld-inflected effort, and one of the funniest BK spots ever. Two millennial male types are shown throwing a football around in a field, when one proposes breaking for BK. His friend instead suggests McDonald’s. When the friend points out that there’s a BK right on the horizon, his pal has to ‘fess up. “I have tiny hands,” he says, stricken, and shows them. They are indeed miniature, which in itself is a great visual gag. It also summons up the metaphor thing for another body part that if diminutive could make for (irrational) feelings of male inadequacy. (Conversely, Jerry wasn’t secure enough to date a woman with “man hands.”) The guy knows that the big burger will only make his teeny paws look worse, and says so. But rather than rejecting him, his friend is all tuned in and touchy-feely. “They’re not that small,” he says, reassuringly at first. Then adds, “What if I hold it for you?” It’s double-entendre city, but also makes a clear point about BK’s double-cheeseburger size: It’s enormous.