Berlin Boosts Mobile Message to New Heights

NEW YORK Boost Mobile boasts that it has “4.5 million customers, the majority of which are under the age of 25.” And the interesting thing about this new Boost Mobile TV spot from Berlin Cameron, entitled “Anthem 2.0” and featuring performances by Young Jeezy, Jermaine Dupri and Mickey Avalon (didn’t he live in France in the 1950s or something?), is that the format is so technologically innovative, yet at the same time so amazingly literal, that even an elderly person like myself can understand what these artists are rapping about. In a virtual 3-D version of “follow the bouncing ball” (via the graphic studio Syndrome), the spot blends the live-action performances of the rappers (and crossover rocker Avalon) against a graphic montage of animated imagery that literally corresponds to the lyrics. For example, Dupri plucks his name from the air, and Jeezy, who sings, “I came from the bottom, and now I’m at the tippy,” later adds, “Wouldn’t give it to me so I had to take it,” as he grabs the three-dimensional word “take” out of the air. (We also see fast cars, elevators, a helicopter and the red carpet crowd outside a club event.) “It’s out there,” YJ sings at the end. “I’m gonna get it. Living out my dreams, so you know the boy won’t quit it.” Even better, the format seems to be an ingenious way to make a spot TiVo-proof: Each image reads perfectly as you fast-forward through it. Running on various cable channels like MTV and BET, there’s something magnetic and yet innocent about the setup, including the “Where you at?” tagline. I know where I am—following along word for word. Word.