BE&P Puts ‘luckytown’ On The Map

Mythical City Provides Missouri Lottery With A Winning Personality
CHICAGO–Barkley, Evergreen & Partners this week attempts to build a brand identity for the Missouri Lottery through the creation of a mythical place called Luckytown.
The campaign begins this week with a 30-second TV spot in which lottery officials announce their move to the make-believe burg, where the weather is always 72 degrees and sunny and “the only thing that’s blue is the sky.” The campaign is tagged, “Your ticket to Luckytown.”
“[Luckytown is] everywhere and nowhere, and you get there by playing the lottery,” said Jeff Fromm, vice president of integrated marketing for the Kansas City, Mo., agency.
The campaign is the first branding effort for the 12-year-old lottery, which has previously focused its advertising on specific games.
“Great brands have a personality, and what we’ve done is give the Missouri Lottery a personality,” Fromm said. The agency wanted to capitalize on the feelings a customer has when buying a lottery ticket, he said.
The Luckytown concept was the only idea the agency presented to lottery officials last year when it won the $12 million account from crosstown rival Bernstein-Rein Advertising. In awarding the account last December, lottery officials said BE&P’s presentation put it over the top.
A teaser campaign broke last week, introducing some of the residents of Luckytown, including a local curmudgeon who has a beautiful girlfriend and a man who was hit with a solid gold meteorite. Later this month, the lottery will promote its instant-win games within the Luckytown concept.
While new games will continue to get attention throughout the campaign, the campaign’s primary emphasis will continue to be on getting consumers to simply play the lottery.
“It matters less what game you play, than that you play,” said associate creative director John January.
The agency is also planning several other promotions to build the Luckytown conceit, January said. Retailers will eventually be referred to as “Luckytown travel agents,” and the winning number drawings will be “Live from Luckytown,” he said. Ultimately, January said, the agency hopes the phrase “Living in Luckytown” would become part of the state’s vernacular.
Further promotions may include bumper stickers for small-time winners saying they’ve been to Luckytown, and jackets or keys to the city for those who win millions.