BellSouth Breaks TV Spots

WestWayne Pushes Buttons In ‘Send-End’ Series
ATLANTA–BellSouth Mobility launched today the first two television commercials in a one-year, $50 million “Send-end” campaign from Atlanta’s WestWayne.
The effort gets its name from the TV spots’ opening and closing shots of someone pushing the “send” and “end” buttons on a mobile phone.
“It gives us a way to tie the print and TV together,” said WestWayne chief creative officer Luke Sullivan. “It’s something we hope to own [in the category] that we can tie across the media. It’s sort of like the curtain going up on a play.”
The first flight consists of the “Gopher” and “Toy Store” spots. In the first, a businessman is in the woods, cooking dinner over a campfire. As the smell wafts through the forest, gophers begin poking their heads out of the ground. As he looks at the furry heads popping up and disappearing, it occurs to him to call the office. When word gets around the office that the boss is on the phone, people’s heads starting popping up from their cubicles like, well, gophers.
In “Toy Store,” two women are seen fighting over a doll, which flies from their grasp and lands next to another woman, who notices the doll’s large ears. The sight prompts her to call her husband, who also has big ears.
“People use their phones, in part, to be connected and be in control of their lives,” according to Sullivan.
Agency and client chose the humorous route after research showed consumers think telecoms are too conservative.
“We saw the opportunity . . . to adopt a funnier, more entertaining approach,” said client advertising manager Wendy Ludlow.
Send-end campaign credits include Sullivan as creative director, copywriters Lisa Farris and Scott Biear, and art directors Jeffrey Batson and Clay Davies. Rob Pritts of Backyard Productions in Los Angeles was the director.