Arrow Launches First Brand Ads

Arrow Exterminators has been in business for 40 years, but new company research showed it lags behind Terminix and Orkin in consumer awareness.

That led Arrow, built through acquisitions of independent operators, to launch its first campaign. The client will spend an estimated $1 million on brand advertising, the cornerstone of which is a 30-second commercial that broke last week in the Atlanta market.

The spot, “Last Will,” shows limousines en route to a cemetery. A dead customer recites his last will and testament, ending with bequests to his wife, family and Arrow exterminator Brad. A cut to Brad, driving behind the limos, shows an emotional serviceman. The effort, from Match in Atlanta, is tagged, “Beyond the call.”

The tagline, by copywriter Ted Nelson, has been incorporated into the Arrow logo. The line evolved from research that showed customers value Arrow’s exterminators as trusted workers who go beyond the call of duty, said client svp Ray Crim.

“Because [Arrow] will continue to grow nationally through acquisition, it is important for the existing customers to feel comfortable with the new company,” said shop president Sal Kibler.

Arrow has grown from sales of $1 million in 1980 to $65 million today. It has 41 offices.

The spot will run through May on Atlanta’s ABC affiliate, mainly during morning news and daytime shows aimed at women. Later this year, the ad will roll out in Tennessee and Florida.