Arnold Builds Talent Worldwide

Arnold Worldwide has created a Talent Development Team in its Boston headquarters to nurture the next generation of management from within.

The idea for the department sprang from a companywide survey that revealed the most important priority for Arnold employees is learning and career development.

“Our most important asset is our people,” said Fran Kelly, president and chief operating officer at Arnold. “They are the most important thing that differentiates one agency from the others.”

Efforts of the team, led by Arnold senior vice president Colleen Boselli, include a mentoring program; a “work life” program designed to make Arnold a better place to work; and training in marketing, writing and interpersonal skills, Kelly said.

Another feature, still in its formative stages, will be an international exchange strategy encouraging employees to take advantage of opportunities in the company’s offices all over the world. This program is slated to begin in the spring, Kelly said.

Assisting Boselli are Molly Sullivan and Chris Kennard as associate directors in talent development and Jill Eskandarian as project manager.