No one had to tell Dave Mering to go jump in an icy lake. He volunteered.

Mering and a handful of the best and brightest at Mering & Associates in Sacramento, Calif., threw themselves into a recent pitch for the Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority and Tahoe Douglas Visitors Authority. While it was not required, the agency created a video demonstrating all the things you can do at Lake Tahoe, regardless of the time of year. Unfor tunately, they chose to do so in winter.

With temperatures hovering in the low 50s, the Mering staff spent three days in the snow, playing tennis and golf, lying out in bathing suits on the snowy slopes and, yes, even jumping into the lake.

The crew also got to enjoy some indoor activities—massages, gambling and cage dancing with members of the opposite sex.

The footage was then set to a punked-up version of “Over the Rainbow” by Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies. The stunt evidently impressed the client; the $2-3 million account was quickly awarded to Mering.

“It was all worth it,” says Mering, noting that no one was injured in the filming of the video. “I’d go jump in there again.”