And I Thought You Were Born Pretty!

One wouldn’t go so far as to call women the dried-up gender. Still, a survey by BuzzBack Market Research finds them awfully concerned about moisturizing themselves. (Men are dependably damp as is.) Of women who use skin-care products, 47 percent said they do so “to moisturize my skin”—topping the number who use such products “to improve the health of my skin” (41 percent) or “to look my best” (20 percent), let alone “to look younger” (11 percent) or “to pamper myself” (6 percent). Similarly, women who use hair-care products are a bit more likely to seek moisturizing properties (71 percent) than “good value for the money” (69 percent) or “appealing scent” (66 percent). The same poll found 29 percent of women saying they use color cosmetics every day, with another 42 percent using them at least once in an average week. A defiant (if pasty-faced) 9 percent “never” do so. Among women who use such products, the chart below enumerates their reasons for doing so. As with skin-care goods, few said they use the stuff to look younger. Is there now a taboo that dissuades women from admitting they’d like to look less old than they really are?