Ameritrade Sells Tech Angle in $30 Mil. Push

NEW YORK Advances that we in the 21st century take for granted, like remote-control plasma TVs and cell phones, will be the centerpiece of an estimated $30 million campaign from Ameritrade, tagged, “It’s the 21st century. Invest like it.”

The TV, print and online effort, via Ogilvy & Mather in New York, touts what the company believes is a defining feature of its services: technology.

“We’ve done a lot of research about what our brand stands for and what keeps coming back is technology,” said Tim Smith, director-brand management and advertising at Ameritrade.

To make the point, Ameritrade will roll six TV spots showing people who, despite being steeped in modern conveniences, retain their humanity.

The inaugural 60-second spot, for instance, shows what looks like a futuristic scene with a man rising from bed in a modern-style house filled with high-end gadgets. But the devices are all available now and the man is reminded at the end of the spot that no new technology exists for walking the dog. In another spot, a man in a high-tech hotel is shown ordering a pizza via room service, which he gleefully eats while watching cartoons.

The campaign also touts new products meant to secure Ameritrade’s positioning like QuoteScope, a stock-tracking window that stays on your screen as you surf the Web; and Trade Triggers, which let users pre-program trades.